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Time Warp

That’s just like me this morning!
(Image (cc) by hobvias sudoneighm. Click through to Flickr for full attribution.)

It was a broken night last night, with Aidan being restless, and then me being dragged in to Nathan’s room as he was ‘cold and lonely’. Jill came in just after 7:00, sounding really cross my alarm had gone off. I was embarrassed, thinking that I’d put it on by accident on auto-pilot before bed. Nathan and I got up and had our usual Saturday regime of watching CBeebies, playing games and breakfast on the sofa. Cursed the bank for SMSing me with my account details which should have come on Friday morning.

All went swimmingly until 9:00 when a confused Jill came in and asked me what I was doing here and why hadn’t I gone to work. She was worried that she’d lost a day. But the stupidity was mine, I’d got it in my head that it was Saturday, not the Friday it really was, probably from a dream the night before. Doh!

Suffice it to say a somewhat sheepish and bemused Dom arrived at work about 45 mins later having dropped a confused Nathan at Nursery. Sleep loss is bad, children. Don’t make Daddy dafter than he is already!