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May 2008

Album 15: "Happiness is the Road"

Link to Marillion.com

My favouritest (and yes, I'm aware that isn't a real word, but there should be a campaign to make it one) rock band in the whole world,
Marillion, are moving steadily towards giving me a great birthday present. Their latest album, which will be a double album extravaganza, is due in September. It's recently stopping being called 'Album 15' and been called "Happiness in the Road". The disks are subtitled "Essence" and "The Hard Shoulder". They're approaching it in a similar way to Marbles, and self funding it via pre-orders. If you want to know more, here's a link.

The few snippets I've heard are excellent, as ever.

Currently feeling: Chilled
Currently listening to: Blackbird (Marillion, covering the Beatles on 'Unplugged at the Walls'.
Currently reading: Sufficiently Advanced & Mongoose Traveller Core Rules (RPGs).


I've been pondering something over the last few days; why do I prefer writing stuff on the PowerBook, when I have a gorgeous 20" screen on the iMac G4 coupled with a very nice keyboard? I don't know what it is, but nothing has come close to the tactical feel and focus I get tapping away on either of my PowerBooks over the last decade. The iBook didn't quite match either of them for the same urge to type away.

I've also realise how much little tweaks to your user interface can significantly improve your workflow. I was helping my Dad out with his iMac G5 to try and resolve an email related issue, and although he's on the exactly the same version of the OS as me, I kept on getting frustrated. The big differences were little things – I have Exposé set to my top screen corners to either clear the screen, or drop to all windows available, and the mouse I have (a gorgeous Micro$oft Intellimouse 5) has different set ups with the extra buttons. It's amazing how much difference it makes. Anyway, we fixed the issue, and started the process that will allow him to break free from his current ISP if he needs to.