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That's Going to Hurt in the Morning [updated]

Rainbow over the Millennium Field in Wetherby
Rainbow over the Millennium Field in Wetherby while I walked down to the Leisure Centre.

I just went swimming seriously for the first time in a couple of years. By seriously, I mean that I was there to do lengths of the pool for exercise rather than being a launching platform and co-conspirator for a four year old boy.

To add to the fun, I walked there and back as well gaining an extra 2,000 steps for my Global Corporate Challenge(*) Pedometer. Hurrah! I did 20 lengths in two 10 length blocks, plus another couple winding down. Not as far as I used to, but I worked hard and decided not to overdo it. Anyway, half a kilometre isn't bad for a first go(**).

I've got that good achey feeling around my joints now, with muscles that haven't been used in a while reminding me that they're there. I'm sure it's going to hurt tomorrow, but for now the buzz is enough.

All of us went swimming today: Jill & Aidan also did Water Babies and Nathan went to Knaresborough for his lessons.

(*) This is my third year participating in the GCC, which is a health promotion set up that work gets involved in. It's driven about walking 10,000 steps a day (you also get credits for swimming and cycling) and raising your health awareness. Last year, I managed an average over 11,000 steps a day – not bad for a desk jockey – which was about a thousand up on the year before that. I'll be happy if I get above 11,000 this year. Nearly two weeks in and not quite where I want to be yet. But there's time to pull it up yet!

(**) 15,937 steps today if you wanted to know!

Update: It did hurt. Ouch.