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All Aboard, it's Sunday

Family at the NRM York
A Day Out!

It was an impulse decision which turned into a nice day out. The sun was shining and Nathan was champing at the bit to go out to play. I realised that we needed to do something to divert his energies when I saw the carnage he wreaked with his sit-on digger in ten minutes in the garden. The one big question was whether we could do anything as Jill had suffered a particularly disturbed night as Aidan was very restless.

NRM York: Streamline through the Bridge Arc
The Streamline Display at the NRM York

Fortunately, Jill was up for it, and we set off in the car to a 'surprise' destination; the National Railway Museum in York. Nathan had been there once before, in the New Year of 2010. We kept our destination secret all the way, asking him to guess during the half-hour travelling. When we arrived at the car park he soon realised where he was, but I really think that he couldn't make his mind up where he wanted to be looking, as there was a train passing and a hot air balloon in the sky.

NRM York: On the Bridge
On the Bridge

More of the museum was open than when we went last time, and we had a great time wandering around (and Nathan a great time charging around calling out "Look Mummy, Look Daddy") and enjoying the industrial heritage. I had a good play with the Hipstamatic App on my iPhone, which is fast becoming one of my favourites as it simulates old films and lenses, producing some really attractive images. You can get prints too, but that's another story.

NRM York: The Car
Funky Hipstamatic Pic

The main disappointment was that the Mallard was at Shilden, something that Nathan realised the moment he arrived ('Where's Spencer?'), but it didn't detract from the day. We were there for perhaps 3 hours, during which Aidan slept. He's quite a big boy now - 10lbs 10oz at the weigh in the following Tuesday. Not bad from a 6lb 15oz start 7 weeks ago.

Getting Big Now

We finished off the visit with tea and cake on the platform. Well, you have to, don't you?!

A great end to a good weekend, which also featured swimming – where Nathan was working on his diving – and an impulse visit to see Tom, Kat and their children Alice and William, as we got a text from them as we were leaving swimming in Harrogate and heading past their house!