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Poorly Sick

We've been quiet here the last three weeks because we've all been poorly sick. Thought we were over it, but then we've all developed tonsillitis. It looks like Nathan is going to miss another week at nursery. He's trying to be happy, but his horrible cough is getting to him. We're all pretty frazzled from lack of sleep.


However, it's not quite this bad... (Man Flu)

However, I do recommend the following solution if you are an adult. Worked for me when I was at home and still does!

My Mum's Kill or Cure Recipe
Hot Water
2 crushed paracetamol (follow dosage instructions), alternatively use a blackcurrant Lemsip.
Shot of Scotch (optional)

1. Put Ribena in mug.
2. Spoonful of honey into the mug.
3. Add Scotch (if needed).
4. Add hot water.
5. Stir well.
6. Mix in paracetamol.

Enjoy. Great for sore throats and fevers!

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