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I’m back home now from the hospital following my hernia operation, a day later than expected. I was only meant to be in for the day itself (I was in for “day surgery” ) but there were a number of complications during the operation and afterwards.

I was first into the theatre that day, and it looks like I may have taken a hour longer than planned, as I went in on time, and the chap following me was delayed by a hour for his operation. Apparently, the hernia was larger than they expected from the pre-operative assessments. Anyway, the operation went well, and I’m patched with mesh. I was all set to go home the same day, when we discovered that the top of my leg didn’t want to work.

It was a very strange feeling; although there was some sensation at the bottom of my leg, the top and sides were completely numb, and as a result I had no muscle power there. So, although I could move my lower leg, wiggle my toes etc. I couldn’t actually put any weight on the leg without going down like a sack of potatoes. Long and short of it was that I was kept in day surgery for as long as possible, and when there was still no sign of an improvement I was transferred to a ward for an overnight stay.

Fortunately, the next morning, muscle power and some sensation had recovered. When the medics who had carried out the operation came around on their rounds they had a debate whether it was the anesthetist’s fault or theirs (ie the general or local anesthetic), and came to the conclusion that the local was the probably cause.

Mandanol: Paracetamol for real men and man-flu!

Anyway, I’m now back at home, and taking it easy. I have a selection of pain killers, ranging from the delightfully named ‘mandanol’, which is paracetamol (for man-flu?) through to some stronger things that will knock me flat if things aren’t too good. At the moment, it’s bearable and the mandanol is fine. As Jill has pointed out, the incision I’ve had (as the operation wasn’t keyhole) is probably the closest thing I could have to a c-section.

I’m taking it easy, reading, listening to music and generally not overdoing it; I also managed to watch the end of Life of Mars Series 2, which was excellent. Also had first shower and shave post operation, which was a delight.

The big challenge will be when Nathan gets back home, as I’m not allowed to lift him for at least two weeks. How do you explain that to a two and half year old?

Currently feeling: Sore and achy but glad to be home.
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