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iPod a-go-go

Gadgets are one of my weaknesses, but also one of those things that Jill says that to get me one every now and again keeps me quiet. However, with a young Nathan around, it doesn't always make sense to be chasing the newest and best (hence my computers are still G4 PPCs and so on).

Anyway, I was a reasonably early adopter of the iPod (with a 30Gb 3rd Gen model) thanks to my gorgeous wife buying me one back in 2003 when I became a chartered engineer, and despite having travelled several times around the world, it's still going strong. About the only thing that disappoints is the 6-8 hour battery life, which seems low against the 14+ hours that Jill's 5.5G 80Gb iPod manages. If you're on a long flight, or train journey, with no scope to recharge then it's a pain. We did have a Belkin external battery pack, but haven't seen it since we came back from Australia in 2005 (!).

Anyway, I idly googled iPod batteries and now have a significantly higher powered one from
iPodjuice.com, which I fitted and charged last night. It cost a very reasonable $36, or around £18 at the time I ordered, so slipped under the import tax limits. The fitting was a challenge, but the kit that came with it was spot on, as were the instructions. The internals of the iPod are something to behold with lots crammed in. Anyway, in theory I've about 80% more power, so I'm hoping for a battery life much closer to Jill's unit.

The only other thing that could do with improving is the HDD space, but I'm managing that by being selective as to what I sync from iTunes.

Happy Winking