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Facebook makes you lazy...

I’ve been too quiet here of late, mainly due to those black-holes of time, Facebook and Twitter. I joined Facebook a while ago, and followed up with Twitter recently, mainly to keep track of friends who use the net (a fair few don’t) a lot.

I enjoy them both, in the sense that they’re a good way to while away some slack time, but do I need them? I suspect not, as I forever tell myself that I haven’t enough time. That was until I discovered Eventbox, which is an OS X RSS reader style tool for social networks, and seems to deliver much the same functionality.


“What’s an RSS reader?” you may ask. In a nutshell, it’s a program a little like a browser that allows you to subscribe to certain websites and get summary updates on new posts. Very useful, and very time-saving. I use one called Newsfire which is pretty and effective and changed my online life. Others exist, and I believe Google has a similar tool. Eventbox promises to do the same for Social Networks. I can quickly scan all the feeds and home in on details if I want to now. Very nice, and very useful.

Eventbox came as a free program (in my case) from the recent MacHeist 3 promotion. I had written a long and rambling rant about certain individual’s response to MacHeist (James Wallis, you know who you are!) and its somewhat innovative promotion techniques, but I’ve decided that it wasn’t worth it. I followed one of the two best bits of advice a former manager game me, namely to “Save as Draft, and see if you feel the same in the morning”. I did, and I didn’t, so it’s gone.

(The other was “In projects, the key thing is to identify your long lead items and deal with them first”, but that’s a bit more specific).

Anyway, I’m hoping that this will a new start...