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Continuum - Day 2

I really enjoyed the second day here, albeit I was pretty tired after Friday night and some of the shenanigans earlier in the week with Nathan having a couple of disturbed nights. I didn't play in the first gaming slot of the day – instead, I made sure all my stuff was in the bring and buy properly, and also helped out getting some other people's material into it as well because filling in 40+ entries had kind of made me an expert. It seems to have been worth it, as the books are moving pretty well, and I'll hopefully not be going back with anything which will save me a lot of time preparing material for eBay. It'll also make Jill happier! I've put some older material into the auction (White Dwarfs in binders, Tales of the Reaching Moon in the same state, so I'll look forward to the outcome of that with interest.

I also had a good chat with Tom, and then a mouch around the trade hall where I amazed myself with my restraint. In doing this, I noticed that the next slot had no free spaces again, so thanks to the wonders of the internet, and a scary encounter with M$ Vista in the committee room, I printed out characters to run the 'Blood Opera' game I ran last time I was at Continuum. This went down well, with the players all getting into the mock Russian/Eastern European accents and vibes, and ended nastily as usual, with everyone seeming to have enjoyed it.

In the evening, I ran the second Conspiracy of Shadows 'Blood Opera', a game that I'd worked up over the last fortnight called 'The fall of House Atreides', which was a riff on the book 'Dune'. This also went well, but very differently to how I imagined it would. It felt more like a freeform, and the tension was built from players taking each other away from the table rather than the Doom mechanic used in the game. However, it was great fun.

After a much earlier bed (proceeded by Graham and I doing compare and contrast on our MSI Wind and PowerBook G4 12" respectively), I've woken refreshed and ready for another day.

The only thing that this convention has disappointed me with is the the mobile phone access, as I can't get a decent signal here, which means I'm missing Jill and Nathan. A quick 2 minute call was the only fix I got yesterday.