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Continuum 2008

I've been let out to play this weekend by Jill and Nathan and have come to Continuum 2008, set – as ever – at Leicester University. The hall we are in this year (John Foster Hall) is significantly better than any we've been in before in terms of compactness and facilities and it's already shaping up to be a good con in terms of friends and acquaintances old and new who I've caught up with. In no particular order; Martin, Dr Moose, Tom, the 3 Bears, Neil, Graham, Loz, Newt, Nickey, etc. etc.

I had a bit of arm twisting from Tom and ended up running the Traveller scenario "This Fear of Gods" which I've been working on for BITS and it went well. The ending was another TPK (Total Party Kill), but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. For some reason, most of my Traveller scenarios seem to have potentially vicious endings. Tomorrow night I'll be running my Dune scenario for Conspiracy of Shadows, "The Fall of House Atreides", which will be interesting.

Had a good chin wag with Dr Moose at the end of the game, and then headed back here to the room for bed. I really love this con, but I've got to confess I'm missing Nat and Jill already. Anyway, it's late and time for bed. Until tomorrow.