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Faster, Faster, PowerPoint!

It's been an evening of updates on the computers - some OS X patches, and then two wacking great Microsoft Office updates. These are 11.5.0 for Office 2004 (which I still have on the machine for speed for Powerpoint, and for VBA compatibility on Excel) and 12.1.1 for Office 2008. Although the latter was only flagged in passing as having some minor performance gains, it has made a really significant difference to the speed of PowerPoint 2008 on the G4 processor, moving it to the point of being usable, which was quite a shock. Word seems to have got nippier too, although that is more subjective, as it could always update faster than I could type.

Thank you Microsoft, this moves in the right direction. Now, restore the access to VBA macros in Excel and I'll be very very happy! Of course, Scrivener still meets my writing needs!


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