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Lovely pose!

I like this new picture of Aidan, possibly as he’s showing more of the Mooney side of his looks than in a lot of the other pictures. There’s also the matter of a nice smile. If anything, he’s becoming much more fun to take pictures of because of the every changing facial expressions.

Jill managed to escape to the hairdressers today for the first time in a long time, and seems generally cheery as a result. Aidan charmed all the hairdressers.

Nathan had a fantastic day as he got to meet up with Tolly (Ptolemy), who was one of his best friends at Nursery. Tolly has moved on to primary school (back in September) and is on half term. They had a fun day involving running around, making noises, playing diggers and cranes, and falling over in the mud. I’m quite jealous! You could tell it was a good day as Nathan fell asleep in the car after I picked him up. He’s not done that for a while!

My high points were a shortened meeting and a cancelled meeting that let me get on with a number of things that needed doing.

A Colony Transporter in the BBC’s Outcasts

Oh, and Outcasts, which continued on an improving curve tonight. Shame it goes graveyard slot from now on as the BBC has given up on it. I’m loving it, but accept that it might not be everyone’s cup of hot beverage.

A Slight Case of Overpackaging?
Morrisons’ idea of going green.

The packaging above annoyed me. Does a coconut really need to be stretchwrapped onto a polystyrene tray? A slight case of over-packaging, I think.