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Jill and I finished watching Apparitions, a TV drama series with Martin Shaw that was originally shown on the BBC. Aside from the fact that we had got it in our heads that there were 8 parts because of the number of DVDs in the package, rather than the actual 6 episodes, it was a great bit of TV drama.

It was a dark tale of an exorcist and Catholic Priest, Father Jacob, who had become the focus for demonic activity. Penned by Joe Ahearne, the writer of the excellent
Ultraviolet TV series broadcast on Channel 4 a decade before, the characters were strong, and the plot twisted nicely, with some subtle notes.

The last episode was 'Nathanised'; he woke up 5 minutes from the end from a nightmare, which kind of messed things up a bit, especially when we sat down the night after to try and watch the end and then the non-existent Episode 7. I have to admit that I did wonder when watching Episode 6 how they would fill another two episodes as the drama and action levels had been cranked up, and plot threads were coming together all over the place!

Having done a quick search on the net, it appears that there is little prospect for a sequel, but one can but hope. I'd recommend catching this on DVD if you get a chance.

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