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A Gaming Desert

I'm kind of feeling like I'm living in a gaming desert at the moment, as every time I try and organise an RPG session the whole thing falls apart at the last minute. Last night I was meant to be running my Savage Worlds game, They Came From Beyond Space, which is a spoof on the old 1950s B-Movies. This was the game that was cancelled back a month ago because of the bad weather from the flood in Sheffield (see post here). Tonight, it was cancelled due to a broken Skype headset and a family commitment. The negative side of me feels like this is never going to happen. I'm certainly getting fed up of preparing for a game and then canceling it at the last moment. Aside from this I've not played a game since Furnace last October, and it's starting to nag at me. Hopefully next time...

I guess on the positive side, I had a lovely day at the Great Yorkshire Show with Jill, Nathan and my parents last week (photos soon) and this Monday saw me playing badminton for the first time in a year. I ached somewhat the next two days. Work isn't at its best at the moment, with a number of set backs. Fortunately, Jill and Nathan keep me sane, especially when he smiles. He's just discovered his fingers. And he's threatening to crawl as he gets more mobile. Could be fun.

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