Memory Alpha

This is the last post I'm making on my original Rapidweaver blog. Having installed RapidBlog, I know that I can't merge and import unless Yourhead come back to me with a viable way of getting a registration number(*). I've rearranged the pages so the Blogger based blog is the main one; this will remain as an archive until I find a way to merge them.

I'll see you on the other side, which has been called Regenesis in honour of CJ Cherryh's excellent sequel to Cyteen, where Emory was reborn.

(*) Okay, I know it's feasible to scrape the old posts and export to a blogger compatible XML file but that is some I'd definitely avoid having to do.

Migration Step 2 complete

Next step done.

Stacks installed along with the BlogSpot stack. This means that the Blogger feed is now displaying on my website, at the moment it's on a separate page while I try and find a way to get a RapidBlog licence (which will allow me to export the old archive to Blogger and synchronise it all). The alternative is that I allow the original blog posts to stay on a standalone static page, which I'd rather not.

Migration Step 1 complete

This site has now been migrated from a build in Rapidweaver 5.3 to a build in Rapidweaver 7. It all went swimmingly except for the thirty minutes banging my head against the wall trying to understand why FTP didn't work. The answer was 'the firewall is blocking the new application', so quickly fixed when I realised.

Next step: implement Stacks and BlogSpot(*) to interface with Blogger. Cross fingers that the BlogSpot stack has a synchronise option for existing blogs in Rapidweaver like the old RapidBlog plugin.

(*)I'm looking at moving to these Stacks as the RapidBlog plugin is now no longer being actively developed; Loghound transferred it to Yourhead, and they aren't taking it any further. This was news to me, but it happened quite a while ago!