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#RPGaDay - 1. First RPG Played

Basic dnd
My first copy of D&D - Holmes Basic - picture found on internet as I no longer have it.

The first RPG that I played, as opposed to ran (I was a Games Master before I ever played) was Basic D&D. If I remember, it was the
Red Box version that was compatible with the Expert and Companion rules that were released later. My friend Ged was the DM, and we started with B4 The Lost City, a classic adventure set in a pyramid. I don’t remember a whole lot except kicking open doors, throwing in ceramic flasks of lamp oil followed by a flaming torch if we saw something that looked too dangerous, and getting hopelessly lost. I’m not sure if we ever completed the adventure or died horribly.

We played at lunch time at secondary school, a Catholic Comprehensive in Cheshire, and the RPG club we had was sponsored by our RE teacher, of all people. She was a young teacher who had recently qualified, and the idea of gaming wasn/t anathema to her as she had come across it before. She let me form an official club and use her classroom every lunch time. I’ve lost touch with most of the gamers from that time with the exception of Mike S and Mark H who I keep touch with distantly through Facebook. Happy days.

If you want to see the genesis of #RPGaDay, take a look at http://autocratik.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/rpgaday-in-august.html
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