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September 2005

Birthday Presents

I was fortunate that I received a number of CDs for my birthday, some of which have been really great. I also picked up some more to add to the blend.

Madness - The Dangerman Sessions Vol 1.
I used to love Madness when I was young but kind of lost touch when I got into rock, except for a brief encounter when their Greatest Hits Album came out while I was at Uni. This album is a real feel-good one. It's a lot of covers - tracks like 'Lola' and 'Shame & Scandal' really put a smile on your face. As a friend put it - 'Real Friday Afternoon Music'.

Simple Minds - Black & White 050505
Now, I'm not sure what the 050505 bit is all about, but this is a continuing return to form from a band that I used to love a decade ago. There was a real dive in quality in their albums after 'Real Life', but I was re-inspired by 2002's 'Cry'. So much so that we used a track in our wedding disco start up. Black & White is a different beast to its more electronic predecessor, but an excellent album all the same. The first two tracks - 'Stay Visible' and 'Home' are punchy and enjoyable, with an energy that has been missing for a while. 'Stranger' reminds me too much of Madonna, but after that there are classics like 'Underneath the Ice', 'Different World' (which really reminds me of the Good News album) and the final track 'Dolphins'. It's not going to set the world alight, but it's a fine album.

The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers
It's a crime that this didn't win the Mercury. This debut album is upbeat, fun, harmonious and well made. Fantastic quality. The band are two pairs of brother/sister singer songwriters, and the whole album is uplifting and leaves me with a smile. Truly excellent, and I look forward to their next CD. What did annoy me was the way that EMI had set this up on iTunes so it can't be bought as an album fro £7.99. You have to buy the songs as individuals which makes it £11, so I bought the disc rather than the download. Had to wait an extra day, but it was worth it.

I've also got Goldfrapp 'Supernature' and Gwen Stefani's new album, but I haven't listened to either enough to have an opinion yet.

RapidWeaver - more thoughts

I've just finished my first customised RapidWeaver site, and it was surprisingly easy. Far more easy than I thought it would be. The customer is pretty demanding (my father-in-law) but seemed reasonably happy with the end result. The site needs some developing yet, but you can judge for yourself how good the final result is. I guess that this means that I really need to start on updating the BITS and Power Projection sites now!

Now that's what I call customer service.

When I was building up the Block game Crusader Rex, I noticed that there were some starting position details missing on two of the Kurdish pieces, and another one was misprinted. Because the rules for the game are pretty clear, I soon worked out where the starting position was (Damascus) and wasn't really worried about the glitch.

I was really surprised when yesterday the post arrived, along with a letter of apology and replacement labels from Columbia Games.

Now that is real customer service!