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October 2017


I had an oddly cathartic day today, rebuilding the spreadsheets that underpin the management data we use for safety and environment at work. I'd inherited a mix of different systems that had grown organically over a ten year or so period.

I was strangely satisfied that I'd got to a point of order out of the chaos of duplicated effort and old school graph style. It's the kind of thing that triggers my coding head, something that I used to love, and something that I pretty much lost all the time and space to do at Unilever.

Feeling sorry for the folks I know back there, as they head into the show-and-tell dance of pedanticism that is a WCM audit. I don't miss that at all. The methodology is great, but the enforced Japanese audit style counter-productive and time destroying, especially when they are going through a period of massive change.

It's nice to have the scope to set my own agenda; of course, that comes with responsibility and accountability for the whole company.

18 October 2017