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January 2018

The Madcap Laughs

Just found the bound copy of the conversion of The Madcap Laughs, which Graham Spearing and I ran at #Furnace a few years ago. We converted the Stormbringer 2nd scenarios to Wordplay, then ran it over three sessions of the five at the convention. My copy has ripped out pages as Graham misplaced his during the con, and he needed the reference.

It was great fun and foreshadowed the current trend to multi-slot sessions. The only difference is that each slot had the potential for different players so each part was standalone.

It was also interesting, as we co-GMd. One of us led the narrative, the other played the NPCs and helped the players out with any issues.

The characters were developments of the ones played by Duncan, Derrick, Sarah-Jo, Clive, Charles and Andrew in my old home campaign.

Good times.