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January 2012

300 years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds

This video is a really good overview on why burning toxic dinosaur residue to produce toxic dinosaur gases (so I stole that from The Infinite Monkey Cage) can be bad for us. It’s worth five minutes of your time. It presents what’s one of the biggest threats(*) to humanity at the moment, one that most politicians seem to be completely detached from the science and realities of the issues.

Tip of the hat to James Robey for spotting this and posting on his Facebook.

(*)The other big ones being a ‘flu pandemic – especially as we’ve engineered extremely lethal avian ‘flu variants in labs – and a big coronal mass ejection taking down the electrical infrastructure in the developed world (more likely in 2013 when the solar cycle peaks).

But, unlike something like a Yellowstone Supervolcanic Event, these are all things that we can do something about, if only we have the will and the vision.

Oh, and a Happy New Year to you all! Winking