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August 2007

The Dark is Rising

The Dark is Rising Film site.

One of my favourite books of all time is coming to the silver screen. Susan Cooper's 'The Dark is Rising' is to be released in October of this year as 'The Seeker'. There are plot changes, but the trailer suggests that the imagery from the book is mostly intact. I'm really looking forward to this!

The following sites are worth a look if you're interested in the Dark is Rising Sequence:
1) thelostland.com, Susan Cooper's own site.
2) The Dark is Rising Wiki.
3) Wikipedia.
You can also look at my short review of the sequence here.

This was one of the books that really stuck with me when I grew up, and I so hope that they will do it well. The actors look good - Ian MacShane and Chris Ecclestone, so there's hope!