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August 2006


I guess that I haven't been updating this as fast as usual, but there is a good reason. Life is slowly getting more complicated (and I guess that we can only blame ourselved) as we are expecting our first child. We've had three sets of scans now, and everything seems to be going well.

The first one was just to confirm that Jill was pregnant (!) and gave us an interesting estimated due date...

...25 December! So it'll be an interesting Christmas. The first picture doesn't show a lot, but the later scans show a scary amount of detail. We got called in two weeks early by mistake, and ended up with an extra picture.

17 week scan

Twenty weeks showed even more. We didn't ask what sex, because it doesn't really matter to us so long as the child is healthy.

20 week scan

The last scan confirmed the expected due date.

Naturally, I've been developing a long list of things to do, with Jill's help. The nightmare will be merging the 'study' and 'library' (in reality Bedrooms 3 & 4) into a single room. I've started sorting with a fair few books going to charity shops, BookCrossing.com, and some friends. The games which I haven't used in a long time have started to head to eBay (currently on hold from the joys of Royal Mail changing its postal charges).

On top of this, I've started the job that has plagued me for the last three years - painting the outside window and door frames. I've managed to complete the downstairs over the last two weeks, but rain has stopped play this weekend! I'm glad Jill found the tip for the painter's 'George' which makes doing the edges much more difficult.