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April 2006

Brighton Rocks!

I've just spent the weekend in Brighton, to celebrate my friend (and former best-man) Jon's forthcoming nuptials with the glamourous Becky (who I will always remember for being described as "that lovely girl in the red dress who sang opera and got slightly drunk at your wedding").

Jon was a little nervous (okay, a lot nervous) about the events that his brother Andy (his best man) had planned for him, probably dating back to his 21st birthday and earlier. On that occasion, Andy tied him to a lamp-post at night on the main student thorough-fair in Southampton with only his boxer shorts for company. There were a number of kerb-crawling lasses from the uni giving him a bit of banter. Now, Brighton is famous for a number of things – its pier, the book 'Brighton Rock' and its counter-culture (it vies with Blackpool as a famous gay hot-spot – so I think that Jon was probably right to worry.

Fortunately for him, Andy remembered that he too was taking the plunge into matrimony later in the year, so only mildly humiliated Jon with a mock Scouser get up outfit. I think he was worried that he'd reap the seeds he sewed in 12 months time. The picture below is of Jon, in outfit, and I'll post some photos later!