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#RPGaDay - 14. Best Convention Purchase

These go back to GenCon UK, back in the day when it was held in Loughborough. One year I came across the old Digest Group modules for MegaTraveller that I didn't already own on a second hand stall. They also weren't priced stupidly; as a result, I scored a copy of The Flaming Eye and World Builder's Handbook for the price of a normal softcover supplement.

Another year, my friend Richard T and I came across a pricing scheme for boardgames that hadn't been thought through. It was something like 10% off one, 20% off two, 30% off three etc. which on three games meant you effectively got one for free. We bought a selection between us and immediately after the trader changed the offer to something less generous. There are times when being numerate helps.

I also have fond memories of buying two copies of the shortlived Dune RPG at list price, one for Duncan and one for myself, which was great as they rapidly went up in price afterwards to the point I wouldn’t have been able to buy a copy.