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Nathan has had a busy few weeks, starting with successfully swimming 5 m on his own to get his national swimming award and move up to the Orange group from the Red. He's really confident, very different to a lot of the children in his group who are older and bigger than he is. That's probably the Water-babies sessions he went to from an early age showing.

On our bikes 1

Even more impressively, he is gaining more and more confidence on his bike ever since we got the new, bigger, faster and yellower model. The other weekend Jill asked me to take him out to burn off some energy and get him out of her hair. I decided a bike ride was a really good idea. He was very excited and worked really hard. We went out on the Harland Way, a national cycle route that runs behind our house, in the direction of Spofforth village. I kept on asking him if he wanted to stop but he always said no. In the end we went all the way to Spofforth and back again. There is a great little pub at the end of the cycle path, but I didn't think it was appropriate to go and buy him a celebratory pint, even of lemonade. He was ever so proud when he told his mum that he'd managed to cycle for 5 miles in total. He keeps asking me when we can go for a "longer"cycle ride so he can have a “bigger number”

Hip Dude

Aidan is also doing well, in both his speech and walking. He is now standing freely and doing little walks when he thinks we are not looking and otherwise surfing around the room using the furniture for support"
There are very clear names and phrases coming out now which can be startling on occasion.

"Hello Der", is a favourite!

“I did dat", is another that he takes great delight in, especially if he's being a bit naughty!

And scarily, “what dat?", is getting increasingly common.

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