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Why Traveller?

'Traveller' is a role-playing game set in a science fiction universe some 3,000 years in the future. It's a game where humanity has spread to the stars and several rival human and alien empires jostle for power. It was created by Marc W Miller, in conjunction with Loren K Wiseman and Frank Chadwick. In flavour, it is a similar blend to Asimov's Foundation series, Andre Norton's Solar Queen series and Peter Hamilton's Night's Dawn series (albeit without the biotech and the ghosts).

It isn't a computer game - rather, it is a pen, paper and dice based game that you actually play face to face! It was first released in 1977, and there is a lot of material still in print, and a very in-depth background. I loved it as a teenager, and have since published material for it through BITS UK Limited.

These pages are a collection of links and information that I've gained over the years. Enjoy!