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Power Projection: Reinforcements

Reinforcements will be the third book for Power Projection, which is BITS UK's Traveller / Full Thrust hybrid game. You can find out more about this here. This book is a 'thank you' to Jon Tuffley and Ground Zero Games, who let us use the Full Thrust enginer. It will provide both Power Projection and High Guard statistics for a number of GZG models. Hopefully, it will be released in 2005. As with all these projects, the date has slipped, but we now have all the text in.

The next challenge is to build all the models for photographing, then sort out the cover and the internal layout. Jesse DeGraff has tentatively agreed to do us another cover, but I do need to chase him up on this.

Layout isn't to be underestimated – we used Quark for the last book, which didn't seem to gain us a whole lot more than using Word (except for a lot of hassle). At the moment it is likely that we'll use Word and convert to PDF. However, Apple's Page's application and InDesign are both possibilities (the latter only if I upgrade my various Adobe licenses to Creative Suite 2).

I want this done for GenCon UK, so it needs to be completed for the start of October to go to print. Which is scarily close!