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#RPGaDay - 22. Best Secondhand RPG Purchase


Over thirty years in gaming has meant that there are lots of candidates for today’s entry, split mainly between games acquired at conventions (and I think that I mentioned 'The Flaming Eye' and 'Wordbuilder’s Handbook' earlier), games bought in the late 1990s at Best Books & Games in Liverpool, 'Traveller' material bought through BITS old auctions when I was filling out my collection, and then eBay and other sales site (especially when I was after 'Pendragon' books).

My most strenuous searches were from some of the material produced by 'Pagan Publishing' for Call of Cthulhu. I hunted high and low for the old 'Delta Green Chapbooks' at a sensible price, ultimately unsuccessfully, but in the end backed the Fundable campaign (an earlier take on Kickstarter and Indie-go-go that failed.) for the collected hardcover versions. I also looked hard (and found) their scenario and campaign books such as 'The Realm of Shadows', 'Mortal Coils' and 'Coming Full Circle' but there was one that always escaped me. I’d lose bidding wars on eBay, and never found it in shops. The few conventions that had it were asking silly prices.

Anyway, recently Angus was clearing some of his old games, and I finally managed to get myself a copy of 'Walker in the Wastes'. It hasn’t made it into an archive cover yet, not has it been read (but it’s sitting in the ‘to-read’ pile), but I hope that it likes up to the anticipation of a decade long hunt!