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T Minus 2

We think we're nearly there, and not just with respect to the house. The Nursery is complete, with the crib and cot both ready and assembled thanks to my Mum & Dad visiting. The Study is complete and looking great, and the house is starting to return to some semblance of sanity. Perhaps it's the quiet before the storm.

The cat is still oblivious to the changes that are going on, and had fun on Thursday tormenting my parent's Golden Retriever, Ben, by sitting near him and just staring at him, then following him around when he moved away.

Jill's had some practice contractions when we were shopping in town yesterday, and ended up staying in the car while I was sent around Morrisons with a list. I met some of the neighbours there, and had a good chat. They made some very kind offers of help should we need it.

We're having a lazy Saturday – I'm typing this in bed! – as we just realised that it could be our last one for quite a few years. Jill is planning to follow the cat's example with sleep today if she can!

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