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Countdown Suspended...

Well, we've reached the Due Date, and so far there is no real sign of the baby. Jill reminds me that only 5% (apparently) of babies are born on their due date, and that really we didn't want a Christmas Baby because of all the complications with birthdays. The only real signs are that the baby has dropped a little more, and the bump has gone harder. Also, Jill's back to being very restless at night due to cramps in her legs and arms, but fortunately for her it hasn't given her too many problems as she hasn't woken up too much. It's me that suffers – I guess that it's practice for when our baby arrives.

We've spent the day enjoying a traditional meal and presents with Jill's Mum and Dad. They're experiencing the day with us for the first time. It been a nice day, and the fact that I didn't get more than two and a half hours continuous sleep last night hasn't really hit yet. We enjoyed a bit more TV than usual – the BBC really floored ITV this year with Doctor Who and Vicar of Dibley specials, which combined with the rest of the schedule was pretty good. I've been enjoying my new digital camera – to photograph the baby, honest – and Jill has been striking poses from bad Sci-Fi films with her new Dyson Handheld. I think that the latter demonstrates that she is as bad with gadgets as me!

On a happy note, I've just discovered that Skype 2 is finally out for Mac OS X, which means that my Mum and Dad will be able to use their iSight cameras on their Macs to get a video feed from my sister and her children when they get to Germany at the end of January. I think that will mean a lot to grandchildren and grandparents alike. It certainly will mean a lot to me.

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