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Plus Two...

The first thing to say is that we don't really know any more than we did yesterday! The second thing is that the good night's sleep didn't happen either, as Jill had a moment when she thought things were going to start last night and a very restless night overall.

The trip to the midwife really only gave us three things; the knowledge that the baby is 'a nice size' (whatever that means), the fact that we go back next Tuesday for an initial internal , and finally a date for induction if nothing else happens before then. I guess it also confirmed that the midwife in Wetherby was wrong about how the baby was lying and it is the way that Jill thought. As this was the same midwife who missed the fact that one of her friend's baby was breach, it wasn't a surprise.

We also went ice-skating today. Or at least, we went to a local farm that sells Christmas Trees and such things, and has this year expanded its repertoire to include an ice rink. We didn't actually use the ice rink, as it wouldn't be a smart move in Jill's condition, and certainly not a smart move with my sense of balance. Rather, we had coffee and carrot cake and enjoyed watching the fun as some of the kids tried to do the Cha-Cha Slide on ice!

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