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Wordplay Core - New Edition

Wordplay Core - New Edition

Over the last few years, I’ve been quite heavily involved in the development of Wordplay, Graham Spearing’s excellent multi-genre roleplaying game. I used the first edition as a way to learn how to use Adobe InDesign CS4, and was very proud of it. The original core book was withdrawn from sale when Graham was offered a deal to publish it by a bigger publisher, but unfortunately it fell through after a year of inactivity.

The torch was (meanwhile) carried by Newt Newport of d101 Games, who put the original big book version into print with four settings in it. He’s also got a line of support coming through at the moment. Buy some of his books, you’ll like them!

Anyway, the rights reverted to Graham, and we’ve taken the opportunity to update the text to reflect further playtests and tweaks done for the now-cancelled edition. The cover was also completely refreshed, with an excellent design by Steff Worthington. The copy above is the proof, which only took 2 days to come to us from Lulu which was very impressive. A few minor tweaks needed (that’s why you proof) and it’ll be back on sale, which is great news.

Wordplay is the engine I am using for the Singularities RPG.