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5 weeks to go

On the way to the ante-natal class on Wednesday, Jill reminded me that it was only 5 weeks to go until our life changes completely, and that's assuming that we don't get blessed with an early arrival. That means that it's even more important that I get the nursery stripped and painted this weekend, something which hasn't been helped by catching man-flu (!) off one of my team earlier in the week. I should be asleep now, but I'm pretty heavily blocked up and suffering from it.

The clear out has increased the size of the pile of stuff for eBay, with some Call of Cthulhu material being added because I can't see myself ever playing with it. It's gorgeous, but all it does is eat shelf space! I'm dreading putting the material up (the time needed!) so it's going to wait until after I get the room done.

Jill is bearing up well - it's the first week of her maternity leave, and she has been getting used to the change. She had an expedition to the Mamas & Papas factory shop in Huddersfield, and came back commenting on how expensive everything was. I'm finding it strange not to be meeting her at work anymore at lunch etc. and also getting a lot of questions after her from the ladies in work.

The cat is probably the most disturbed member of the household at the moment - he seems to know that something is going on, and has made me his favourite person now, not Jill. She's a bit put out by this. I don't think he wants to compete with the bump for space or attention!

Weather is lousy, but I guess that really makes me focus on the need to do the nursery!

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