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T Minus 9: A Rollercoaster of a Week...

Well, the last four days have been pretty crazy. The carpet arrived as planned, but in the afternoon rather than the morning. As it was getting laid, the fitter suddenly asked "Where do you want the join?". Now, the thing is that the nursery is small enough that there should be no need for a join. It appears that the shop miscalculated the size, and missed out one of the geometrical irregularities on the map. Anyway, the fitter managed to put a pretty much invisible joint under where the cot will be, and it looks very nice.

Then Thursday brought the cupboards for the new study and more complications. There are two cupboards - one is the full height and width of the room but only a foot deep, and the other is a normal wall unit that sits over the computer disk. The first problem cam with the latter. Two workmen had arrived to fit it, and it really needed three to fit it. Fortunately, they found some props and things in the garage which meant they could lift it and lock it in place safely. They didn't put the doors on though, as insufficient fixings had been delivered by the manufacturer of the units.

The next complication was that the full height unit would not fit into the room - it was too big. And there was no obvious way to resolve this by splitting it. We were promised that it would be taken away on Friday, and returned Monday. However, whoever came to take it away managed to split the units, and they are now in the room awaiting fixing. They'll look pretty good when everything is completed.

The next disaster came on Thursday night, when the iron fell on the less-than-a-year-old carpet in the front room, and melted it to the weave below. Jill was pretty upset with this, but it looks like it will be covered by the accidental damage clause of the insurance policy. In the mean time, we've made it look a little better with a cut out from an off-cut of the new carpet.

Jill is getting pretty tired now, and also kicked a lot. I think that it's getting frustrating for her, and she is finding it awkward. She struggles to use the bath as it isn't comfortable with the size she is, and I think she wishes we'd reached the end.

Tonight, we have the company Christmas do, which should be fun. Somehow I think we'll be going soon after the meal, as the dance-floor looks right out! I hope we get through without an early arrival...

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