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The Meaning of Advent

It was only this morning that it struck me how little time is left before the baby arrives and our lives change forever. Jill always gets an advent calendar, and she turned around to me when we were opening the door and said "I guess we could use this as a countdown".

She's completely right; if the baby arrives on its due date, it'll be here on 25 December, Christmas Day itself. Beyond the fact that Advent Calendar's don't count down, they have the same reason - counting the days to a baby's birth!

Today, we finished the Nursery as far as we can until the carpet arrives (next week, unfortunately), which made me feel a lot happier about our preparation. We've also started to move on with Christmas preparations, ordering a fair bit via the internet. What did we do before the mid 90s? I'll post a picture when i get a moment; I'd taken one, but the flash has washed out the colour. It's been a good weekend - I probably should have got more done, but feel a lot better for it.

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