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On Holiday at Last

It's great to actually be on holiday now, even if it brings with it a flurry of preparation for Christmas. Jill finished yesterday, and Nathan and I both finished today. I had quite a good day; a few issues came up which I had to deal with in the absence of my team, but I managed to get quite a lot done. I even tidied my office before I left, which should put me in good stead for the return of the 'clear desk policy' next year.

We had another lovely evening last night, as we went to Nathan's Nursery's little sing-along session. It was really sweet, with all the children lined up in their best after a day of fun and games ready to sing. Amusingly, Nathan saw me arrive and was instantly ready to go as he wanted to get at the toy dumper truck and chocolates he had been given by Father Christmas. This urge to leave was pretty unusual, as it normally feels as if we have to drag him away from whatever he is doing when we get there to pick him up.

He absolutely loved the singing, and every time a song was introduced, he joined in straight away, not waiting for anyone else. He also led the solos! It was sweet. There are photos, and I may share some soon once I get them uploaded.

This evening, we had to deploy the "We'll tell Santa not to come if you carry on misbehaving!" threat, as he has been getting increasingly boisterous and excited over the week. Fortunately, it does seem to have some weight and he's fast asleep now, as is Jill. I think that I should take that as a hint for me too. Catch you all soon!