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B-Day arrives.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary and – like Christmas – we had a quiet day. We went down into Wetherby, and had a nice lunch at Bon Appetit. Jill snagged the camera off me and grabbed an ambient light shot she's quite pleased with.

Me at Bon Appetit.

I like it too! It was a really pleasant afternoon, with only the shadow of the induction today hanging over it. There weren't any real developments last night, except Jill having slightly different pains to the ones that she has had for the last few days.

Today we're going in for the induction, so we know the next time that Jill comes home it will be with a baby. Quite a scary thought, as we've now reached the point where something is going to happen, but also quite a relief.

I finally finished The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers last night. It took some getting into, but it's a great tale that links Shelley, Byron and Keats together along with a different take on vampires (or vampyres as it is in the book). I'm glad I read it, but I suspect it won't be high on the re-read list, unlike his other books Declare and Last Call. This book was another from my backlog, which in some cases is a couple of years long. I'm trying to make headway into it now, with the next book after Complicity (which I'm re-reading as I just saw the film of Iain Banks novel) being Eragon. Which should make my mum happy as she bought it for me some time ago!

Anyway, I need to go and get ready for the appointment at the hospital.

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