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Game Plan 2010

It’s a tradition on some the BBS boards that I frequent related to gaming to post plans for the next year, kind of a New Year’s resolution. This is my take on that challenge. I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible this year as I think that 2009 was overly ambitious and doomed to failure from the start!

*Complete "This Fear of Gods" for Traveller, a scenario I've been playing with since Furnace 2006!
*Rewrite "Singularities" into a full setting for Wordplay (which means doubling or tripling its size).
*Several other Wordplay related projects that I have bubbling in the background.
*Get "Power Projection: Reinforcements" off the ground after far too long in development, probably by some initial PDF releases.

*Attend more TomCons (ideally run Doctor Who, Wordplay and maybe some indie fun stuff)
*Get another block games day together
*Try and run something by Skype again.

*Travcon, Continuum and Furnace as a minimum.