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Mellow Yellow

I've just finished off painting the walls of the nursery what seems to be a bright yellow, but is allegedly 'Pale Citrus'. I'll have to see how it has settled down in the morning. This means that only the gloss needs doing, which should be reasonably simple as I've rubbed the paint-work down already. This means that the major bits and pieces which are changing in the house are nearly done.

The past weekend, we went to the shop where we bought the 'travel system' (as I must call it, not a pram or push-chair) in the hope of finding a decently priced, solid and drop-sided cot bed in a dark colour to match the rocking chair which Jill is being given by her sister. We were pretty shocked – especially after fruitless searches at Mothercare, Babies R Us and Mamas & Papas – to find exactly what we wanted the moment we walked in. Sometimes it just happens that way! It was even more of a surprise to find that it was in stock, so we bought it. It fitted well into the Avensis boot (which reminds me why we bought the 'sensible' car) and is now safely home, awaiting assembly. Fortunately, that isn't time critical as my mother is recommissioning the cot that my sister and I, and my nieces and nephews used.

I got some good news tonight - Sam, my brother in law, has finally got his promotion to Staff Sergeant. The downside to this is that they may not be coming back to UK after all, and could end up in Canada or Germany for the next two to three years after they leave Cyprus. Exciting times for my sister's family, no doubt, and a well deserved promotion for Sam.

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