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Don't they grow fast?

I'm sitting on the bed on Sunday morning as I type this on the PowerBook, with a storm of energy and excitement running around yelling 'hiya', with the telephone handset clutched against his ear. Fortunately, the phones can be locked, so we're not getting knocks on the door and complaints!

I went to Portugal for three days (or more accurately, I went to Portugal for a day and spent the two days either side travelling) and was shattered when I got back. This was a combination of not sleeping well the first night in a strange bed (which is something I've always suffered with at hotels) and then an 04:30 hr check in at Lisbon Airport the next night. Fortunately, my flight back to Manchester was already off by the time the muppet ran onto the runway with a backpack on, so the travel didn't get extended even more.

Anyway, when I got back, I went to sleep for an hour and was woken by Jill calling me as she got in. I got to the top of the stairs to see Nathan holding the stair-gate and rattling it. When he saw me he yelled 'hiya dada', which made my heart jump! I couldn't believe how much he'd grown in the four days since I'd seen him last. I guess it's something that all parents have to get used to.

I promised some more pictures in the last post, so here they are:

Conducting an imaginary orchestra.

Mummy, Grandad and Me!
Arriving at his Grandad and Nana's house.

Toddling and running!

Grandad and Me #2
With his Grandad!

Right, let me tell you a story!
Holding Court...

As usual, if you click through, there are more pictures on Flickr.

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