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March already!

Where on earth has the last month gone? It feels like someone has stuck the accelerator pedal to the floor, especially now that life is returning to normal with the usual round of work, weekends and swimming for Nathan.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, when we are at a formal meal with some old friends, which should be great fun. We’ll also get some good family stuff done as well. I may even try and get a little of “This Fear of Gods” prepared for Travcon, but that really depends on how much I can stand being at the keyboard and computer (like it has been a problem before!).

Getting really annoyed with all the stuff about Sir Fred Goodwin’s pension, especially the posturing by Ms Harman. To start to threaten to change laws or work outside them to nobble someone, no matter how odious their attitude, is really dangerous and a slippery slope. They should have got it right when they got rid of him in the first place. And if the RBS board misled them, which is being implied, then they should remove the individuals involved and make sure that they loose out appropriately. Lynch mobs to public disquiet is not where we should be.

I’m also getting annoyed about the fact that it’s okay to bail out banks to the tune of tens of billions, but when a manufacturer enquires about loans to enable restructuring of several million (made necessary by the bank’s failures crashing the market and the lack of available money from them), then it’s time for macho posturing about not bailing out failing businesses from Mandleson and friends. Hmm. Isn’t that what RBS, Bradford & Bingley etc. were? Failing businesses? I think that the government will pay for this at the next election, and we will be paying for it as taxpayers for years to come. However, I don’t see much in the way of options, or much in the way of difference between the alternatives. They’re all pretty much complicit in this.

Thank you! Normal service now resumes!

Nathan is being a bundle of fun at the moment, and his language is really developing, which can be quite disconcerting at times. He’s also getting very bossy, a point that Jill and I point the finger jokingly at each other as being genetically at fault for. He’s also become much less clingy when I drop him off to nursery, especially when he sees his friends!

(Okay, so I was a month out with this and have updated the heading!)