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Last night was pretty hard for both Jill and I, as the practice contractions continued and kept Jill awake during the night. This in-turn kept me awake, so we both had very little sleep. As I type this, she's gone to sleep because they've stopped. It'll be a brief respite because we are back in at the Hospital today for an internal examination. As this includes a 'stretch and sweep', it may well trigger labour off properly. I'm hoping it will, as it's getting very frustrated.

I start my paternity leave today, which seems appropriate based on the hospital visit. I've chatted to a few of my colleagues and team this morning, which was nice. That, combined with the sunny day, has made me feel somewhat less stir-fry and trapped in the house. The downside to this is that I've just been told that one of my team who left at the end of the year has had some dreadful news. Apparently his wife has been diagnosed with leukemia, which comes on top of his father dying in December. Absolutely awful, and a reminder of the frailties of life.

On a more positive note, I uploaded some more pictures onto Flickr, which are linked through the photo album pages here. They're of Christmas and were partly done to test the new camera.

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