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Family meet Aidan. Aidan meet the Family.

We've just had a lovely, but tiring day. It's very much been a 'meet the family' day for Aidan, although – in reality – I guess that it really was the other way around.

My mum and dad brought Nathan home, and he was an absolutely delight, so excited and charmed by his little brother. I'll share some photos tomorrow to help you visualise this when I have sometime to get things organised properly. He's put a spurt on in height over the last few days too, and looks very much the big brother. He also insists that people call Aidan ‘Aidan Sydney’, then gives me a stare when I call him ‘Nathan Vincent’ back!

Jill's mum and dad, and her sister and sister's fiancé came over too, so we had a very full house. Not feeling up to cooking something, the Wetherby Whaler (local fish and chip shop) got a shipping order for 9 fish, 7 chips and 3 mushy peas. Fortunately, they weren't too busy.

I think that everyone had a good time - Aidan had plenty of cuddles and Nathan made sure he remained at the heart of things. The house is strangely empty now everyone has headed off, and Jill, Nathan and Aidan have gone to bed. Just me and the cat downstairs.

I'm shattered, but I need to do an hour or two of revision for Tuesday's NEBOSH Diploma Exam as today will have been a wash out from that perspective otherwise, and I want Sunday and Monday to focus on past questions and law, both statute and key cases. So proper coffee has been made and I've plugged in my iPod with Goldfrapp's 'Seventh Tree' on. Hopefully chilled enough to focus me, but not to send me hyper so I can't sleep.

Until tomorrow.