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The Wetherby Bookshop

Wetherby Bookshop
Wetherby Bookshop by Katya Shipster, on Picasa, all rights reserved, click image to see original

The Wetherby Bookshop
has changed hands this week, marking the end of an era. One of my favourite places to visit, the owner, Penny, has retired and sold up to a younger lady. I went in today and collected some books I'd ordered for Nathan (for longer term) and it was a little more chaotic than usual, but hopefully the serene calm will come back and the selection of books remain as good once the new owner settles down.

I'll miss Penny, and the fantastic service she provided. I visited most weekends when we went into town and
always bought from the shop if I only wanted a single book as it was no more expensive than Amazon once you factored in the postage. I hope she has a happy retirement. As she said, this will be one of the first Saturday's that she has had off in thirty years, and I hope she enjoyed it.

The important thing here is to remember to support your Friendly Local Book Shop!