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Accidentally Touching Up!

The MacBook Trackpad, image from Apple.com

So, I’m slowly adapting to the world of OS X Leopard and much faster processors with the new MacBook that I’ve been fortunate enough to be given. The only thing that really throws me at the moment is overcoming 13 years of muscle memory which makes me constantly leave my thumb at the base of the Multi-touch trackpad where the button used to be.

Unfortunately, multi-touch means that as a result I find myself accidentally zooming in and out in Safari when I am actually trying to move the mouse around. Most of the time, I avoid it, but every now and again older instincts prevail. I wonder how long it will take me to adapt?

If Multi-Touch means nothing to you then Watch the video found on Apple’s site.

Apologies for the second geek post in a row, but I don’t feel much inspired to post on the last few day’s events.