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Day 4 - No News.

Quick update this time, as there is no real news. Jill had the last gel shot of the hormone to try and start her off, but she didn't get to a point as good as the night before. I can't but think if she should have stayed up later last night rather than us both taking the 10 o'clock early night as a big opportunity. When she went to bed the contractions were still increasing in intensity and frequency. We noticed two things over the last few weeks – the baby is more active on alternative days, and that the moment Jill lies down she starts to loose the contractions.

Generally, the staff at Harrogate have been fantastic – I guess the only grumble we have is about the doctor we saw today as his bedside manner needs some work. He certainly doesn't know how to put a worried mum at her ease. It wasn't just Jill that this applied to either – one of her friends had him for her C-Section earlier in the week and he didn't say a thing to her during it, not even 'good morning'.

So where do we go from here? It is looking very likely that Jill will have a C-Section tomorrow if she doesn't go into labour naturally before then. This will probably be mid/late morning, unless the Delivery Suite is busy, in which case it'll be in the afternoon. It'll be interesting if it is delayed, as tomorrow should be Jill's more active day, and it tends to start early afternoon. I hope we do go naturally, but if it doesn't, so-be-it.