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Umm, Snow?

Snow Keeps Falling
The view out this morning! (Hipstamatic)

I’m not impressed that the snow has decided to return. Nathan is, conversely, quite excited. Then again, he doesn’t have to drive to his swimming today, just ride in the back and shout directions at Daddy. Fortunately the snow tyres are still on my car, although the 2”+ of snow that has fallen so far will need to be cleared before we go anywhere!

Flight Controller Nathan Lightyear Glamour Pose
Happy Days at Air Traffic Control Wetherby. (Hipstamatic)

As Jill and Aidan were otherwise occupied (sleeping then feeding), Nathan and I spent the morning playing. In this picture we have Flight Controller Nathan Lightyear, Crash, Bang and Wallop. He loves the Flight Control game (available on iOS and MacOS and maybe more) but sometimes forgets that the objective is to land as many plans as possible rather than to crash as many plans as possible.

For those of you with withdrawal symptoms, more pictures with Aidan later this weekend, as we now have some that are suitable to share!