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Phone Fun

Why did I change phones?

Treo 650 vs Motorola Z8 vs Centro
The Three Contenders!

I loved my Treo 650, which I've had for over three years, but it was starting to bug me because of its size. It just felt too big when I took it out and about, expecially for more social does. I wanted something smaller, ideally with a touch screen, and with an intuitive OS. The iPhone was out – even through I'm a Mac fan – as it was locked into O2 and I'm still happy with Orange. In the end, I decided to go for the sleek and svelte and bendy Motorola Z8. This is a consumer smartphone, with Symbian and UIQ as the interface. And it's bendy. I had a bad case of tech lust for it.

However, we've split up now, and I went back to the Treo! Why, I hear you ask? Well, a number of reasons. The Z8 crashes more than the Treo. The keypad is very small. But these are minor quibbles, something that any geek with a taste for stylish tech will happily ignore. The real reason I decided to change was the battery life, or lack thereof. I was lucky if I got a day and a half if I used the phone, and even a new battery didn't change things. The Treo did 5 days happily at a similar usage rate. Ok, so it's built like a brick and 2.5G not 3G, but I preferred it. The other thing about the Z8 was that even though it was unlocked, I couldn't ever get MMS to work. So it'll go on eBay shortly. It's a good phone, but not for me.

Z8 v Centro Side view
Banana Bendy Z8 vs the Centro Candybar

That left me with the Treo, which still irked for the same reason - size! And then I discovered the Palm Centro. Now, Palm have lost their way recently, embracing WinCE, sorry, Windows Mobile as a stop gap until they get their new OS ready. The Centro is probably their last PalmOS machine in it's current form. Spec wise, it's not a million miles different to the Treo 650. OS 5.4.9 vs OS 5.4.7, 4 days life vs 5 days, 320x320 touchscreen, but oh-so-small by comparison. I was sold, and I got an unlocked one for my birthday. And it is gorgeous. Hits all the spots the Z8 was supposed to and more - it is a 'small Treo'. Huzzah!

Treo 650 vs Z8 vs Centro
The waistline challenge
Centro vs Z8 vs Treo 650
The waistline challenge from another side

Z8 sliding vs Centro
Not really that small, Mr Z8...

Needless to say, my phone tech-lust is now sated!