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Weekend Report

I thought I'd just do a quick update for the weekend past.

Thursday and Friday were an interesting change of pace for me, as I had a team away day, which seemed to go quite well. I picked up Nathan as a result, which confused him a little. We had a pretty chilled evening which I rounded off by reading Bryan Talbot's new graphic novel, "Grandville" which was excellent both artistically and story-wise. The only criticism I could level was that the level of violence was not necessary, but it never reached the level of complete gratuity. Saturday morning was spent with a crash tidy up and out to Waterbabies with Nathan in advance of my parents arriving. They'd come over to babysit while Jill and I went out to a party with one of her friends from work.

The party was held in a dance studio in darkest Huddersfield, and was a bit strange as the only people we would have known apart from the hostess didn't turn up. However, we didn't let that deter us and enjoyed the food and drink and the dancing. I reacquainted myself with Salsa (passable), mashed up the Merenge (?) (awful) and failed dismally at the Lambada, but it was all great fun.

Sunday was spent with family, with a variaty of different things. My mum and I finally (after 4 years) started to play "Hammer of the Scots", only to be thwarted 3 game years and 15 turns in when Nathan went all Magpie and started grabbing pieces. As the strength of a piece is based upon which side it is standing on, this spelt disaster for our game. However, we both seemed to enjoy it (me as the rebellious Scots, my mum as the English) and we may well have another go at some point. I was having fun raising merry hell in the highlands and norhern reaches of Scotland with William Wallace, but just getting a bit nervous with Edward the First camped in Selkirk forest. The fog of war effect with Columbia's Block Games is fantastic.

Worked too late on Sunday, plus Nathan wouldn't go to sleep because he had napped too late. Monday passed with lots of emails/SMS and telecons with work, plus a trip to the "Swings & Slides". Small fellow wasn't up to much more and was alternatively happy and then grumpy, probably due to sleep problems the night before. Gave up on work at 2245 as the XP laptop was struggling to connect by VPN and kept crashing. Work tomorrow, but some big exercises later in the week.

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