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A Trip to Hospital

Nathan crashed out
Shattered, after shopping and feeding the ducks in Wetherby on Monday

We had a very scary experience on Thursday night with Nathan. He’d been a bit funny all week, slightly off his food and also snotty, but otherwise fine. On Thursday night, he came home from nursery (where he’d eaten very little) and wasn’t interested in food or play, instead sitting on Jill’s lap and watching ‘
In the Night Garden’ or ‘Piggle-Garden’ as he calls it. I’d just taken his temperature (which was high) and gave him some Calpol to return to the room and find him shaking and going blue around the lips. He also didn’t seem to be breathing (we thought he was choking and asleep). So, we took him to the kitchen, and gave him the pats on his back to clear his throat, and he came out of it. He was very glazed, and we decided to head straight to Harrogate for the out of hours surgery.

We talked to the out-of-hours team on the way and they sent us to A&E, and then he was admitted to the Woodlands Children’s Ward for observation. Predictably, he found this a reason to perk up, especially when he saw the toy car transporter and the train set. He was kept in for the night, and Jill stayed with him. By the morning, one of the trains on the set was being referred to as “My New Train”. We were all set to go home with him on Friday, when he woke from a sleep with an even higher temperature, so had another shot of Calpol and was kept back for a little longer to see if it dropped back. By the time that happened, the lunch trolley (or rather Thomas the Tank Engine Trolley) arrived with Fish and Chips, which he enjoyed.

Long and short of it was that the medics think that he either had a
febrile seizure (which is apparently quite common until children’s brains fully develop) or some form of rigors. Very scary, but also (apparently) very common. He only really got back to normal on Sunday night, and I’m glad that I missed Travcon to stay with him and Jill.

Today he’s been a star, enjoying feeding the ducks, eating lemon cake and generally being a tinker!